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Off you go and get wet - what fun!

Whether water skiing, fishing, boating or canoeing - all of this is possible in Rotkäppchenland!

The lakes in Breitenbach a. Herzberg, Frielendorf and Kirchheim invite you to bathe and splash about. Other popular destinations are the Sebbelsee lake near Ottrau, the Schwarzenbörner Teich pool and the Antrift-Stausee reservoir.
Discover the element water in all its dimensions on the Efze-Vital-Weg hiking route , along the Efze, with its source in Knüll! Those who prefer things more peaceful can find a comfortable spot, also to fish, along our waterways full of fish.
Sports, games and fun are the focus in the open-air swimming pools in Rotkäppchenland!

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