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Beautiful old towns and charming villages

The towns of Homberg(Efze), Neukirchen, Neustadt(Hessen), Schwalmstadt and Schwarzenborn invite you to wander through their historic town centres.



With the old water fortress Ziegenhain

Two towns full of tradition - Treysa und Ziegenhain and their 11 neighbouring municipalities were joined together in 1971 to form Schwalmstadt.

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Kneipp spa, climatic spa and family holiday location

In the middle of Rotkäppchenland, which lies on the southern slopes of the Knüll mountain range, surrounded by expansive deciduous and coniferous forests, lies the Kneipp spa of Neukirchen.

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Homberg (Efze)

Homberg is justifiably known as the "Fachwerkkleinod Nordhessens" (Half-timbered jewel of North Hesse), and as a town set between the Reformation and modern times.

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Neustadt (Hessen)

Picturesquely framed by wooded hills, Neustadt lies on the western edge of Rotkäppchenland, directly on the German fairytale road.

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