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Fairytales and legends

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her grandmother gave her a hood of red velvet, and because the little girl looked so sweet in it, and never wanted to wear anything else, they called her "Little Red Riding Hood"…
The red hoods which feature in the traditional costumes in Schwalm inspired the Brothers Grimm to create the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
The Schwalm costumes were voted Costume of the Year 2009 by the German Traditional Costume Association.
Red Riding Hoods both large and small act as ambassadors for Rotkäppchenland!
You can discover many things with a fairytale quality about them in the many locations within Rotkäppchenland, situated along the "Deutschen Märchenstraße" (German fairytale road). Allow yourself to be enchanted by the world of fairytales, fables and legends. It is here that the dreams from our childhood days come true. Visit the fairytale houses in Alsfeld and Neukirchen, and the fairytale figures and fountains in Schwalmstadt, Alsfeld, Homberg and Neukirchen.
Fairytale telling events and guided tours of towns are held regularly, enticing both young and old into a magical world. Fables and legends such as the "Schwarzenbörner Streiche" are still told today in many locations.

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